Zero – The Application Platform 

Helping companies to develop software with startup speed and enterprise quality


Zero scales with your needs. Start with a single Node, enjoy limitless expansion. Distributed Storage included! 

Infrastructure as Code

Deploy Zero to any major or minor Cloud-Provider, on Bare-Metal or with Vagrant on your local machine. 

Batteries Included

Enjoy effortless Logging, Metrics and Observability. Run your Apps on Docker Swarm or Kubernetes.


Zero is designed to run headless. It’s the SysOps-Operator you’re missing from Kubernetes


Automate the boring stuff away. Zero is built to be fully automated while it’s automating your Automations!


Zero comes and integrates with the best Open Source tools for Code Collaboration: GitLab, Sentry, and more…

Peace of Mind

Host Zero yourself. It’s easy and reliable. Or enjoy the pleasures of our Managed Application Platform offerings.


Zero offers limitless integrations with any tool, service or API you can imagine. Out of the box.


Zero integrates state-of-the-art Open Source technologies with open standards. No Lock-In. No limits. No excuses.

Cloud Native

We work hard to keep Zero compliant with cloud-native tools and methodologies from the CNCF.

12 Factor Ready

In addition to its Apps and Automations, Zero is a great platform to deploy your 12 factor Apps to production.


Zero offers a variety of cloud-native and container-friendly Storage Drivers for local and distributed environments.

Zero in Production

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